Luci’s 2017 Journey North and West; Montana Fiddle Camp Photos

Here are some photos and maybe even a video of our week at camp.

Fiddle Camp memorabilia. 

My lanyard for meals and concerts. 

Brochure info on instructors. 

Lupine and chokecherries were in bloom. You can just see Luci peeking out above the lupine. 

Buckley family concert. Taylor, Fred, Ried, Jeanne and Katelyn. Behind them Isaac Callender and Mark Leslie. 

Upper photo; Chirps Smith and Warrie Means. Lower photo; Blaine Sprouse and April Verch. 

Isaac Callender on bass, Mark Leslie on banjo, Katelyn Buckley singing and Greg Blake also singing. 

Mark Leslie, Marty from Cody, WY, Dave and Taylor Buckley 

Warrie Means and Blaine Sprouse

Katelyn Buckley; head chef, artist, bass player and singer!


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