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We had some interesting experiences on the final days in the Pacific Northwest and the trip back to Arizona. One final blog should document these few days.

Miles of pies were advertised by the Yachats Ladies Club for their Fourth of July extravaganza and they were able to deliver. There was a considerable wait in line but we made it to the pie line-up.  First were the sugar free and gluten free pies, mostly fruit kinds as I remember. Then came the regular fruit varieties, so many kinds. What to choose? Maybe a custard pie or a cream pie or just a brownie. One or two scoops of ice cream? Coffee? You bet! Pie, pie, we like pie!

After the pie parade came the real parade. It was billed as the La-Di-Da Parade and it was a doozie. The first entry were folks dressed interestingly and riding in a manure spreader. 

Following this was the traditional rainbow umbrella marching unit who did some snappy routines. 

The leader was dressed to the hilt and called out the maneuvers. 

Not to be outdone by those in the parade, this fine family tooted away from the sidelines on kelp instruments. The mom said that teen daughter declined to perform or even sit near them. 

Three ladies dressed alike and belting out familiar tunes came next.

No horses in this parade but there were plenty of dogs in various costumes.

Families with grass skirts. 

Rubber duckies. 

Unusual costumes. 

Bagpipes and a marching band.

The fire department was present at the end of the parade inviting all to join them for a barbecue. 

The following day we were headed back to Arizona. We got onto US Highway 20 in Newport, OR. Highway 20 goes across the country to Boston, MA and goes through our “hometown” of Atkinson, NE.  Away from the cool and windy coast we began to feel the warmer summer temperatures and see farming country. 

Across Willamette National Forest and through the small town of Sisters, Oregon made famous nationally for hosting possibly the worlds largest outdoor quilt show. There are three sister mountain peaks nearby, all above 10,000 feet. Tonight we sleep in an RV park in Burns, Oregon. Continuing on highway 20 east across the border into Idaho at Ontario and onto Interstate 84. We are definitely in farming country now with fruit orchards, hayfields and potato fields. We are following the Snake river east to Twin Falls, Idaho, our stop for the night. Another busy RV park catering to summer travelers. Now we get to go south and are soon into Nevada at Jackpot. Hurrying south we note the little town of Currie and remember a funny story that Jake Jakob’s told us about stopping nearby. This is basin and range country with mountains all around capped with snow still in July. 

Down through the Steptoe valley and early into our spot in Ely, Nevada. We have time to set up camp and explore the area a little. Ely has a nice museum and railroad ride and we are in time to take the train.  Ely had the worlds largest copper mine at one time. It is now closed and when it closed, the company just left its offices intact and this is now a museum which we toured. Vintage railroad related items are on view and records of the mine going back to its inception. 

Dave bought tickets for boarding the train which were punched encounter by the conductor who wore an authentic conductor outfit. 

The train ride was from Ely depot to the copper mine and back. A narrator gave a running commentary on the train, the terrain, the mine, etc. He encouraged us to duck our heads, pick up our feet and call out “Woo, woo!” as we went through two tunnels. Silly, but we did it. 

Dave always enjoys a good train ride. So do I. 

Here is a small segment of the mountain of mine tailings.

The next day we continued going south on Nevada highway 93 then turned east toward Utah at Panaca, Nevada. As we neared Cedar City, Utah, I began looking on my phone for a lunch place. A recommended place popped up which would be right along our route and not in the center of town. It was called the Market Place so we decided to stop. Turns out it was the cafe for the Cedar City Livestock Market. 

The food was good and it was the cheapest lunch we ate on the entire trip! Booths just like I remember with advertisements laminated to the tabletop. 

Continuing east from Cedar City we climb into the Dixie National Forest. Here we encountered the first rain since Stevens Pass in Washington State. 

Steep canyons and beautiful rock formations remind us of previous visits to Utah.

South on Utah 89 along the Virgin River to Kanab. 

Scenic Utah contains a good bit of Lava from an ancient flow. The dark mass you see in the photo above is all lava. The lake in the picture above is called lava lake. Flow tubes in the bottom of the lake drain water and carry it to sudden springs elsewhere. There is a dike made by CCC workers that bisects the lake and keeps the lake at acceptable levels for recreation.  On into Kanab, our last stop on our two month tour. The Kanab KOA had a nice level back in space for us with full hookups and a swimming pool next door! Lovely on a hot day. We had to run our AC twice on this trip and Kanab was one of them. 

A catalpa tree gave good shade but it was still hot. The showers were spotless and felt great. 

The next day we headed west up onto the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and down through beautiful vistas to Page, AZ. 

We cross on the bridge above Glen Canyon Dam which forms Lake Powell. So beautiful! Lots of folks out this Sunday with their boats headed for a cruise on the water. South on highway 89 through more marvelous scenery onto the Navajo Reservation. 

We can just barely see Mount Humphreys in the distance with a little bit of snow on top. 

We stop for coffee at a Starbucks and are on the road through Flagstaff on Interstate 40 and south onto Interstate 17. Nearing the Verde Valley we see some smoke to the east. An electronic sign warns os of possible visibility problems but we didn’t see or smell any smoke as we passed through. Later we heard that the Interstate was closed for hours because of dense smoke. Whew! 

Down and down in elevation from 6000 feet and pine forests. 

4000 feet and piñon pine. 

Cactus more prevalent. 

 We see Saguaro cactus as we near Black Canyon City. 

Getting nearer to Phoenix more desert flora appears. Loop 303 takes us around the city to the north then El Mirage street gets us south to Bell Road. We are watching the temperature readout on our mirror. Finally Sun Village back gate and home. 

It’s a Dry Heat as they say, but it is darned hot. All the same, we are glad to be home. 


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