May and June 2019: A Graduation and Reunions

Katie Brinkman, our beautiful and smart granddaughter, graduated from Lincoln High in Lincoln Nebraska May 26. She worked hard for her high school diploma and an International Baccalaureate diploma. She shared her own Top 5 achievements in the Lincoln newspaper. The honors were; Nebraska Young Artist Award, Academic all-State play production, Captain of Nebraska Thespians first place tech team, Four letters in Theater, and Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall. She achieved a GPA Of 4.0 and was named Outstanding Theatre Student and Outstanding Spanish Student. She will attend St. Olaf College. Dave and I were there for all the events that surrounded her graduation. We could not be more proud of her.

Her family including grandparents, parents, her brother, aunts and uncles and cousins were on hand to wish her well at the Pinnacle Bank Arena.

Matthew, Katie, Daniel and Jennifer Brinkman

Grandpa Dave and Grandma Mary

Grandma Nancy Ray with Katie at the restaurant before dinner. Grandma Laura and Grandpa Rick Williams with Katie at JTK restaurant in the Haymarket.

Cousin Maddie and Aunt Tracy from Chandler Arizona.

Uncle Ross Brinkman was proud of his special niece.

We all were present for Katie’s graduation reception. She and her best friend, Jackson Mikkelsen shared the event which was held at the Brinkman residence on the Friday before graduation.

Dave and I had dinner with Katie and her parents on our way through Lincoln at the end of July. She was bubbling over with plans for college and the future.

Reunion # 1

After the graduation events were finished, Dave and I headed the truck pulling the Airstream (Luci II) north to Holt County Nebraska. My sister and brother live in Atkinson and O’Neill respectively.

We met in O’Neill for a meal and a mini family reunion. It is always great to see them and have a good visit.

With a few days to spend until reunion number two, we headed for beautiful Ponca State Park in northeastern Nebraska.

We had a nice level pad with electric and water hookups and wonderful tall green trees surrounding our trailer. The park is located alongside the Missouri River where the Lewis and Clark Expedition hauled their boats upstream to explore for a western passage to the Pacific.

Reunion # 2

Fifty three years ago I and my best friend Linda graduated high school and enrolled in nursing school.

We wore curlers in our hair and ate brownies sent in care packages from home.

Our 50th Bryan Memorial Hospital School Of Nursing reunion was held in Lincoln at Bryan College Of Health Sciences. Fifty years has made a big difference in Bryan Hospital and its health sciences professional training. And the fifty years had a big effect on all of us as you can tell.

Our class of 1969 was honored at a tea on Friday June 7th and a luncheon and program on Saturday. We also had informal gatherings on Friday and Saturday afternoons for the twenty plus nurses who were able to return to Lincoln.

The College set up a conference room with beverages and breakfast snacks on Friday. We shared lots of fun incidents from our schooling and nurses training plus happenings in our personal nursing careers. I think we all came away with good remembrances and a feeling that our experiences at Bryan equipped us for success in our lives.

Saturday noon luncheon with a class picture. We may be retired but we all felt that we remain nurses and value that.

Saturday evening we had another opportunity to eat and visit at the home of classmate June Christy and her husband.

Dave took a picture of the four of us who were good friends throughout school and shared an apartment after graduating. I am sitting beside Linda Gruenburg Taulbee, and Cheryl Hoops Linder. Jan Yates Butler is standing behind. Linda and Cheryl live in Everett Washington and Jan lives in Wichita Kansas. The reunion in Lincoln Nebraska was a finishing touch to our nursing careers.

These reunions and graduation signaled the start of a busy summer for Dave and I. Tune in to the next installment of my blog for a trip across the pond in June and July in Missouri!

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